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What is the Sleadd Tri-Link?

The Sleadd Tri-Link is a patent-pending design that is an integral part of the Sleadd 150 and Sleadd 250 zip line kits. This device is used as a load transfer point for the zip line tension on each of the Sleadd kits.

The Tri-Link is designed with three distinct connection points. One point is designated for attaching the In-Line Tensioner, another point is used for connecting the anchor hardware to an adjustable cable sling and the final connection point is delivered with a pre-attached, swaged section of 5/16" galvanized aircraft cable for use in transferring the load of the zip line tension after it has been tightened.

How does it work?

The Tri-Link, being the load transfer point for the zip line, is positioned at one end of the zip line between the In-Line Tensioner and the anchor hardware. The process is simple; simply connect the In-Line Tensioner to the Tri-Link at its designed connection point. Next attach the adjustable cable sling to the Tri-Link after running the cable around the anchor point and securing it at the appropriate height. Once all points are secure, simply tighten the zip line using the In-Line Tensioner, (note that all processes are described in full detail in the Instruction Manuals).

After tightening the Sleadd Zip Line, the load gets transferred to the Tri-Link and off of the In-Line Tensioner, by connecting the "Main Cable" to the zip line cable via the four Fist Grips included in the kit.

This is a very quick process, achievable in 10 minutes or less.

The Nathan Sleadd Signature Series combines designer gear, high end materials, and integrated installation technology, for the simplest install on the market.

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